Tips File: Etsy gift guide

Happy Monday everyone! I had a very low key weekend with Matthew coughing (my never ending nightmare), so my little guy and I didn’t get to do anything exciting, but Sunday’s rest paid off and he’s doing great, thank Goodness!

As you all know I’m a huge fan of Etsy and I love supporting small & talented business owners, so I wanted to share some of my personal picks from a couple of my favorite etsy shops. Unfortunately I couldn’t fit all my favorites here, but you can check out my whole list here 😉

From Part I: 
. Julia Kostreva: Awesome iphone covers.
. Bello Pop Print Shop: In love with all these prints, so hard to choose a favorite!
. Mane Message: Hair ties, perfect for little gifts, stocking stuffers, gifts for teachers, you name it!
. Yevgenia: Aren’t these insanely pretty? Perfect for the coffee/tea drinker 😉
. Patkas: Beautiful, beautiful clutches and bags.
. Hook & Matter: Great selection of dainty jewelry, especially earrings.

From Part II:
. Ampersand Design Studio: Love these ladies, I have their Be Present print (a great reminder) and this case, and I just snagged a set of these 😉
. La Paperie Print Shop: You may remember these from my bathroom makeover? If not, then they are totally worth checking out, the “head in the clouds” series is my favorite 😉
. Gardenmis: A sweet little gift for any girl, no matter her age 😉
. Katie Wohl: So much talent, she makes great graphics!
. Gift Shop Brooklyn: More amazing small accessories.
. Sweet Petula: Natural body products beautifully packaged.