Food File: Healthy Breakfast

Happy Monday everyone!! Hope you all had a great weekend! I never had intentions to stop blogging last week, but I lost some photos I was going to use, and I guess I took that as an excuse to fully enjoy my vacation in San Francisco. Apparently I was very lucky as I had the most amazing days: clear blue skies (no clouds to be seen) and beautiful 18-20 Celsius. I seriously couldn’t have asked for more 🙂

I have tons of photos to share, and an awesome little facelift to my cousin’s apartment (can’t wait to show you!). But in the meantime, I wanted to share my go-to daily breakfast to hopefully inspire you to start the day off right (it’s been proven that what you have for breakfast influences your choices for the rest of the day, so choose wisely!): fat-free plain greek yogurt + granola + fresh berries. I have this and I honestly never get tired of it 🙂

Last year I tried greek yogurt for the first time (I know, so late to jump on the bandwagon!) and since then I haven’t looked back. Not only do I find it smooth and tasty, but more importantly, I like that it has twice as much protein as most regular yogurts and milk (If you’re vegetarian like me I’m sure you’ll appreciate this). Just make sure you go with a plain one as the flavored versions are loaded with sugar, and if you need some sweetness, consider adding some fresh berries and/or some honey 😉