Inspiration File: Words to live by – My Manifesto

Happy New Year!!!! I hope you all spent New Years Eve with your families and that you had a relaxing first day of 2014 🙂

For this year, instead of making a list of resolutions (see my 2013 resolutions here), I decided that an inspiring manifesto to keep me in the right direction is more fitting. Positive thoughts and words = positive attitude so I’ll be sticking very close to what inspires me, motivates me, and gives me strength. Let’s make this year an amazing one!

Believe in you: If you don’t believe in yourself, nobody will. If you want people to take you seriously then you have to be confident and believe in who you are, in your strengths, and in your capacity.
Work hard & Push your limits: Good things come to those who work hard. You want to see results? then work for them! Believe that you can achieve greater goals, work hard for them, and you’ll see what you’re capable of. Remember, what you give is what you get.
Be brave: Making difficult choices and taking difficult decisions take courage. If you believe in them, brave yourself up!
Be kind: Be empathetic, help others, lend a hand, share a smile, hold a door, give back.
Give Thanks: Celebrate kindness and always be polite.
Take care of yourself: Stay healthy, exercise, take care of mind, body and soul.
Follow your dreams: Don’t give up and keep searching what you’re looking for, make your dreams happen!
Stay positive: Always, always always, focus on the positive side of things.
Have Faith: Have faith, believe that everything will be alright.
Embrace Change: Welcome change with open arms, as there’s always something new to learn.
Read More: Educate yourself, don’t stop learning, polish old skills, acquire new ones.
Eat well: Make wise food choices. Treat your body well.
Be grateful: NEVER forget how lucky you are and don’t take it for granted.
Train hard and sweat it out: Push yourself, set goals, achieve them.
Choose Well: Choose carefully what you eat, what you read, what you watch, who you spend time with, what you buy, how you spend your time…prioritize.
Stay strong and never give up: Trust yourself, stay strong mentally, physically and emotionally.
Take risks: Don’t spend the rest of your life wondering what could have happened. You’ll never know the outcome if you don’t take risks.
Inspire others: Inspire people with positivism and kindness, lift them up, don’t bring them down.