My life file: San Francisco Re-cap Part I

Today I’m going to start sharing photos of my trip to San Francisco just as it went by (chronologically speaking), hope you enjoy them! The city is just so beautiful, and because I had such an amazing weather throughout my trip, it was pure bliss to be outside running, walking, exploring, and taking photos. Nature there is gorgeous, I had some weird fixation with trees, same with buildings, as there’s so much detail in their architecture! I also ate very well (thanks to my cousin Luis who not only spoiled me with delicious breakfasts but took me to great restaurants), and I was able to meet in person some people I’ve been friends with for some time now through our blogs and businesses (Crystalin and Jillian). So yeap, overall it was super awesome 🙂

It was awesome to take a break from my parka and boots 😉 

Bows Sweatshirt (on super super sale right now!) just saying 😉 / distressed skinny jeans / Flats

Had the most delicious pizza and salad lunch with Crystalin

I got these pumps the morning before leaving and I highly recommend them, they are just $40, and look even better in person, trust me 😉

Pretty pretty jewels from Sweet and Spark (more on this on another post soon!)

Not exactly the best photo, but I was pretty excited to get to play with this toy 🙂

Afternoon Stroll on Market Street

Spotted some pretty flats at J.Crew

Daily runs here where one of the highlights of the trip 🙂