My life file: Snippets

Happy Monday everyone! Hope your weekend was fantastic! I’m super excited about this week for three reasons: my friend Sarah is having her baby today!, my Strive Life classes resume, and I’m heading to San Francisco on Thursday for 10 days!! I’m visiting my cousin and I just can’t wait! I’ve been to San Fran once but it was just for 2 days, so I’m pretty pumped about this trip as I’ll have lots of time to discover the city, run, enjoy some warmer weather, spend some quality time with my cousin, and…it looks like we’ll be giving his apartment a little face lift, so that’s pretty exciting 🙂

Wishing you all a great week!

Words that I’m keeping in mind as reassurance


Mini spinach and goat cheese quiches from my New Years Day brunch 🙂

 Still thinking about those beauties on the left, they look absolutely stunning on!

 Sneak Peek of a little DIY post coming later this week 😉

 Obsessed with these, such an awesome collaboration! Get them here 😉

Even though I’m not the biggest fan of cinnamon rolls, my friend Sarah really outdid herself with these!

Best gifts ever! Loving these so much!