My life file: A word for 2014

Nothing like a quiet moment in bed, looking out the window, sipping some hot tea, to reflect on the past and think of the future and how we are going to face it. I couldn’t think of a better fitting tee for the occasion than this one, right? And flipping the pages of my planner and reading: “Start something new” filled me with motivation. 

I have thought of writing this post for a long time… and now that I’m actually typing it I feel like I have no words. Brave and difficult decisions were made in 2013 so I’d say my word for last year was definitely Courage. If I wrote all the thoughts I’ve had for this particular post over the last year or so I’d be writing a book, but somehow today, I want to keep it shorter. I also don’t feel like getting into details, so bare with me, and give me some time to open up. Last year, the most difficult decision I’ve ever been faced with was made. Like I said earlier this week, I’ve felt so much over the last year, that just a thought, even a single word, could send me into tears. Life has its way and sometimes there’s just nothing one can do but accept it and move on. So this year I’m holding on to Faith. I’ve got nothing else but faith. Faith in the future, faith in happiness, faith in that one day I’ll be able to look back and tell myself “see? there was no reason to be afraid, the future was indeed good” I have faith that great things are in store for me, I have faith in you 2014 🙂

Wishing you all a great and warm weekend! It’s beyond freezing here!

In this post: Tee / Leggings / Socks / White Pillows (West Elm) / Dotted Pillows and Pink Lumbar from Aurelia / Faux fur Throw / Metallic Tray / Gold rimmed Mug / Planner / DIY pencil