Tips File: 10 essentials every woman should own

Today I want to talk about some things every girl, in my opinion, should own. I believe that there’s a difference between closet staples and essentials. While a black blazer, a pair of black pumps, a white button down are considered to be staples, they don’t necessarily have to be essential in your closet. Your closet essentials are determined by your lifestyle, but I do believe, that no matter what your lifestyle is, there are certain things that every woman should own.

A Hairdryer: It doesn’t matter if you’re a low hair maintenance kind of girl (I’m one of those), I think every woman should own a hairdryer. Only you can determine if it’s worth splurging on it or not, but trust me, even I’ve been in situations in which a hair dryer was pretty much needed.

An eyelash curler: A simple little tool that immediately opens up your eyes! Even if you want to go mascara-free, this will definitely make a difference.

A weekender: A weekender is essential to hold all the different million things we ladies like to carry with ourselves (books, magazines, nail polishes, planners, sunglasses….you name it) and whereas you take it for the road, for a 3 day getaway or as a carry-on, there’s no doubt that it will hold it all! Plus, a girl should always be ready to hit the road if the opportunity arises 😉 PS: if you like stripes and sequins then you’ll love this one, and this one is a classic.

An umbrella: To put it simply: There are occasions in which you can’t wear a raincoat but you can always carry an umbrella.

A convertible Bra: I used to think that a strapless bra was essential, but today, a convertible bra is even more practical as it gives you more options to match your clothes.

A travel size steamer: This little thing is sooo handy! Especially if you don’t like ironing, and if you travel with pieces that can easily get all wrinkled. I took mine to NY last September and it saved my life.

A Hole puncher: Ladies, let me introduce you to the tool that will give you two belts in one: a hole puncher. I punch holes on almost every belt I own, that way, I turn all my belts into skinny waist belts 😉

A fashion emergency kit: Do I need to explain? You should at least own a mini sewing kit to be able to sew a button, period.

A full length mirror: You need to be able to look at yourself from head to toe.

A tools set: While having someone to help you is awesome, being able to fix things by yourself is important. Even if it’s just to hang some frames! And trust me, it is quite fun, especially drilling  😉