Decor & Interiors file: Before & After – A Bachelors Studio

Today I’m very excited to share my cousin Luis‘ before/after apartment tour with all of you! While I was in San Fran a couple of weeks ago, my cousin asked for my help to do a little “facelift” to his studio apartment, and even though I’m not an interior designer/decorator, nor do I have any knowledge about it, I jumped on the idea and obviously obliged 😉

So, obviously there was a budget, and there are still things to work on and finish, like the bed area and some things here and there, but at least I think I left him in good shape (I’ll let you be the judge!). This of course wasn’t all me, I have to admit that he really has great style and taste, so I think of it as a collaboration 😉

So, without further ado, here’s the tour, starting with the before photos, hope you enjoy it!

 Before – The Entryway

Before – The Living Area/Bedroom

Before – Living are shelves and Dining



I forgot to take before photos of the bathroom, but basically the changes were new towels, rug and shower curtain from West Elm. 

We also styled the vanity using this marble and wood slab so that the products he uses the most are all organized and handy


The entry was pretty empty and it was essential to have a piece for storage and catch all so we added this campaign-like chest. We also painted the focal wall with chalkboard paint and added this rug 

The Living Area

 We layered this and this rug under the sofa, and got all the pillows from Krimsa (the most amazing store!) And of course, a fiddle leaf fig tree was a must! 😉

We got rid of his old desk and moved his work station to the back wall using a raw wooden slab (was such a great find!) sitting on a stack of books and an Ikea table top

We used another unfinished wood slab sitting on stacks of books as a long bench, hung the TV on the wall, and added metal & wood shelves similar to these

He has so many old trinkets… and this camera (along with the typewriter) was one of my favorites 😉


We moved his Nespresso and made a little coffee station on one end of the kitchen counter using a marble board


Lastly, the bed. Still a work in progress, but at least he’s off a good start (especially with that rug!), don’t you think?

Wow, that was long, hope you enjoyed it! I’ll be posting sources of everything on another post soon!