Fashion File: Sweet & Spark

Remember I once blogged about Sweet & Spark? If you don’t remember or if you simply never got the chance to read the post, you must check out what Jillian does. Jillian and her dad (yeap, you read that correctly, her dad!) scour the markets for some pretty amazing vintage pieces, and while I was in San Francisco last month, I couldn’t pass the opportunity to meet her in person and see all the prettiness she sells. We grabbed some tea, chatted like we were friends forever (isn’t that cool? gotta love how blogging connects you with great people!) and then she showed me a TON of jewelry. It was hard to choose favorites, but at the end I made up my mind and came home with a couple of lovely things 😉

Below are some of the things that caught my eye (mostly earrings because that’s what I was after), but make sure to check out her site as she also sells necklaces, bracelets, and brooches (I’m loving these and these) 😉

We played around with these shoe clips and other earrings that could easily double up as such 😉

My picks (clearly I was having an emerald moment!) 🙂

Playing around with Jillian’s loafers

Waiting for warm weather to wear these on mine! 😉