My life file: Recently

How was your long weekend? Wow, did I have a stressful one! First of all I want to thank everyone who sent well wishes, kind words and prayers my way. I feel so grateful and lucky to receive all that kindness from you, so thank you!

For those of you who don’t know, people peacefully took the streets in Venezuela to protest against the Government and the insane conditions in which the country is under (this short video explains it well). Things like toilet paper, milk and flour (just to name a few) are not easy to find; being in the street at any time (day or night) with the fear of being kidnapped, mugged, or murdered is the every day life for venezuelans; and well, the economic crisis is just out of hand. I could go on and on, but to keep it short, one of my brothers was illegally taken on Friday night for just walking on the street where one of the protests was taking place and we didn’t know anything about him until Saturday noon when we found out that he was being held. After 2 days of very stressful times, and uncertainty about his well being (my family wasn’t even allowed to see him) he got released. So, given that there are no human-rights, that careless violence is practiced by the police and the military, and that people are being physically abused and tortured, we all thought the worst. And the fact that I’m far away from my family made it even worst for me.

The situation there is pretty bad, so for the last 4 days all I’ve been doing is breathing Venezuelan news, and following the events closely, but I took some time yesterday for a break, and gathered a couple of photos from last week to brighten up my mood and share them here with you. I wish you all a great week, and please, I ask once more, pray for Venezuela and the millions of people (like my family) that are protesting for a decent life and a future. I feel lucky to live in this wonderful country (and I’m grateful for it, but it is a shame and it’s sad that I can’t be with my family because I was basically forced out to seek a better quality of life due to the messy and sometimes even beyond comprehension conditions.

Cute cute cute Gap slip-ons coming for Spring!

Lots of white from Banana Republic‘s Spring preview

Shimmery beige leopard dress from Banana Republic too

Star earrings from J.Crew

Chocolate frosted vanilla cupcake (I told ya I was going to indulge!)

Some details from a fun night out with blogging friends (Deanne, Marissa, Jenny, Tiffany) and goodies from a J.Crew party 🙂 (Excited to try out the lip balm!)

Fun polka dot handbags (here and here) at the Kate Spade sale event

Lots of color on this cardigan

My absolute faves: these wristlets (the colors were stunning!) And how cute is that tote?!

Ice skating on Saturday morning with my little guy (right before finding out what was going on with my brother)

Lastly, getting ready for a fun photoshoot with these heels (on sale) and pretty jewels 🙂 (stay tuned!!)