Fashion File: Your summer staples DNA

Happy Monday everyone!! Hope you all had a great weekend! I want to start the week with some fashion tips related to identifying your wardrobe’s “dna” and why it is so important. By fully understanding your wardrobe’s dna, you’ll be able to make wiser shopping decisions because you’ll easily recognize if a certain piece fits in your closet or not. How many times have you bought something only to go home and realize that you have nothing to wear it with? Been there, done that. But, as you start identifying your style and your staples, you have a clear vision of how a new addition fits with the rest of your clothes.

So, it all starts with recognizing those items you reach for over and over. You know, the ones that you can’t seem to dress without. For example, here’s a very close breakdown of my summer staples: solid boxy tees, statement necklaces, aviators, leopard (in any possible kind), denim shorts, graphic tees, chambray, cross-body bags, and pointy flats. So, with a clear vision of this I can tell right off the bat if a new addition has at least 3 possible outfits. Of course, it also helps that my staples are pretty much neutral pieces, but this principle applies to whatever your style is and staples are. It’s also very helpful when you stick to your staples when you’re traveling, as it makes packing and outfit planning so much easier (here’s an example)

To keep in mind:

1. Your overall wardrobe palette: what colors are more dominant and why. Don’t feel the pressure to incorporate other colors if they don’t make you feel comfortable and suit you, but, always be open to experiment. The idea is that you should be able to define your wardrobe’s dna so that if you feel like incorporating trendy pieces, they work well with what you already have.

2. Signature pieces: Being able to identify your signature pieces is really important because it means that you get to know your style, and when you do that, shopping becomes easier, and it reduces the chances of falling for pieces that at the end won’t get any use. Also, if you know what fits you well and what you like, then you know where you should put your money towards to.

3. What you feel more comfortable in: never forget that is all about how you feel in your clothes. If you feel good in something, then you’ll be exuding confidence, and there’s nothing more stylish than confidence.

Once you have this clear, you’ll be able to shop wiser and it will simplify your day-to-day dressing, and your ability to mix and match too 😉

In this post: Madewell cut off tee / J.Crew necklace (similar) / Madewell mini in waxed cotton / Jeffrey Campbell Kieran Flats / Steve Madden leopard slip-ons / Ray-Ban Aviators / Vintage earrings (similar) / Gap outlet graphic tee / Marais USA bow loafers / J.Crew denim cut-offs (old, similar) / AE denim shorts (old, similar) / Club Monaco Chambray shirt (similar) / Tory Burch Crossbody

Staples shopping list: