My life file: Flowers, denim, makeup…

Happy Monday everyone!! Hope you all had a great weekend! Today’s post is filled with photos of my coffee table and my new favorite game: re-styling it 😉 , some Gap denim I tried on Sunday, and some makeup I’m excited to put to the test, plus a couple more photos that I hope you enjoy 🙂

I’m a huge fan of Clarins (I use this daily, and I can’t survive winter without this!) but I’ve never tried their makeup, so I’m excited to test these goodies I received the other day 🙂

Pretty colors right? I’ve used the same two blushes for years, and I’ve never tried a creme blush before, so I’ll let you know how that goes!  Blush / Eyeshadows / Base

Matthew and her best friend Ava (far back) on Saturday 🙂

You know what? If you’re looking for great fitting boyfriend jeans that don’t break the bank, Gap has nailed it with these. When I buy denim, the back pockets size and placement pretty much determines the purchase, and in my opinion, Gap has mastered this. I couldn’t recommend these more, seriously!! 

Pictured: Sexy Boyfriend Jeans / Destructed Sexy Boyfriend Jeans / Destructed Sexy Boyfriend in Daybreak wash / Destructed Straight Skimmer (these fit like boyfriend jeans if you get them in a size or two bigger)  

Who would have guessed that carnations could be so pretty?! This blush color won me over!

I’ve been playing around with the coffee table styling 🙂

Decided to swap the light pink Moda book for the fuchsia one for more color!

One more shot, because they really are pretty 😉

Annnd, this is what it looks like when you pair a sparkly bow and stripes! The cutest!