Weekend Links

Any plans for the weekend? Between a busy week and some fun night events with my blogging friends, I didn’t sleep that much, so I’m really hoping I can get some decent 8 hours of sleep this weekend! Wishing you all a great weekend and hoping you enjoy these links 😉

. Project Holly by Peppermint Bliss: People, go and check out this whole house tour. It is insanely good!
. How to pick the freshest market flowers: As a flower lover (aren’t we all?!) I really liked all these tips!
. Are you surprised about this infographic? Interesting.
. Travoltify yourself! I seriously don’t know what happened to this guy at the Oscars, but I just couldn’t help it and had to found out how Travolta would call me 😉 And after you do that, check out how he would call the rest of the actors at the Oscars (hilarious)
. Obsessed with this skirt after seeing it on Sarah from Smitten Studio.
. Also obsessed with these pumps, it’s a shame that they are a web exclusive, would love to try them on!
. 10 bad skin habits to kick!
. Life Lessons from Jenna Lyons.