DIY File: Spots Wall

Remember weeks ago when I shared on Instagram my spotted wall? Here are the details about the whole diy in case you want to give this a try. It really is easier than what you’d think, and it’s all about patience to be honest, though if you enjoy painting and good tunes, you’re set 🙂

For weeks I was hunting for the spots wallpaper for my entryway and even though I found some really great ones like this onethis one, and this one, I thought there was nothing to loose with giving it a try with some leftover paint I had. Worst case scenario I would just paint over it or just order the wallpaper and cover it 😉

I started with making my own stencil for some sort of guidance, but since spots are such an irregular pattern, I was totally ok with freehand painting here and there. You know, filling gaps and painting on narrow spaces in between doors.

* A tip for making a stencil: find an image of a pattern you like online, place a sheet of paper on top of your computer screen and trace it. That easy 😉

For the first coat I used a bigger brush because I was basically filling in the spaces of the stencil, but for the second coat, which I did freehand, I used a smaller brush (above) for more “precision”. Also, some people have asked me about the paint, I used Benjamin Moore Twilight (leftovers from the powder room and bedroom wall I painted).

The whole entryway, which is just as long as my 2.5’x7′ runner, took me approximately 8 hours to complete. Of course I didn’t paint for 8 hours straight, I took breaks and I did it in two days 😉 What do you think? I seriously love it, and I’m glad I saved some bucks!