Inspiration File: Living life to the fullest

Being aware of how lucky we are for what we have is what makes me appreciate every second of life, stay positive in every circumstance, and ultimately make the best of what we have with the most grateful heart. I recently lost an aunt, in a very unexpected way, and even though it’s not what triggered me to realize that we have to enjoy life to the fullest, it probably is what made me share these words with you. I’ve always been incredibly aware of the blessings I’ve received and even though my life is not perfect, it’s a happy one, and that’s what matters to me 🙂

This is what I feel is living life to the fullest:

. Being grateful of what we have, where we are and who we are. Yes, always comparing ourselves to those in less fortunate circumstances and being grateful for our position.
. Appreciating every second of life, and not forgetting that it’s the greatest gift.
. Being kind to others without expecting anything in return, and not forgetting that we all feel and struggle, so lending a hand when we can is the nice thing to do.
. Understanding that being positive is key to living a happy life.
. Being flexible, and allowing ourselves to bend our “rules”. It’s ok to take it easy sometimes, and some situations require that we are flexible in order to be appreciated.
. Celebrating small moments, big moments, silly moments, they all deserve it.
. Not sweating it unless it’s for a good workout 😉
. Not taking ourselves too seriously.
. Being spontaneous, and seeking experiences.
. Enjoying the small things: a nice morning walk, getting caught in the rain, the smell of flowers, a good meal, a nice gesture…
. Not waiting for the “right” moment to make something happen, because let’s face it, it most likely won’t arrive. It’s about making the moment, and not regretting it.
. Saying I love you, often, to all those who matter to us. Letting them know that we care about them and that they are important to us.

Lastly, asking yourself: “If I knew I’d die tomorrow or I would never get the chance to do something again, would I do it?” If the answer is yes, then just do it.