Great Finds File: Tatcha

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a great weekend! I want to start the week by talking about an amazing skincare brand. You see, with so many brands and products out there, when I come across a brand that has amazing products, lovely people behind it, and to top it, gives back to the community, I feel like I have to share about it, even if it makes me sound like a sales person 😉

Before I get into anything, I want to mention that regarding freebies and partnerships, my policy is and always has been that I only work with brands I truly like, I only accept gifts that I personally can choose and those that reflect my style, and I only share and talk about products I love. If something doesn’t fit all three, you won’t hear about it, that simple.

So, Tatcha, a skincare line I had never heard before, approached me and sent me some products to try for nothing in exchange. I was smitten with their luxurious and detail oriented packaging, and decided to learn more about their brand. After reading some (amazing) reviews on their hand lotion, I asked for a sample hoping that they would say yes (and expecting a travel-size tube to be honest), and not only did they agree, but they sent me both their hand lotion and body butter, in full-sized versions, for nothing in return (oh yes, their shipping was super speedy too). Well, let me tell you, they are incredible! I mentioned on Instagram that their hand lotion has dethroned my all time favorite l’Occitane shea butter hand lotion. It’s silky, non sticky, super moisturizing, fast absorbing and has this beautiful scent that makes you think you’re in a Spa. Same as their body butter. Plus, they don’t use parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, and a bunch of stuff that if I mention I’d have to explain (after a google search) and this would get too long 😉

I also LOVE that with every product you buy you’re giving a day of school to a girl in need, so you feel good that you’re giving back in some sort of way 🙂