My life file: DIY Hair Clinic at Evolve

When it comes to hair styling and hair products I am and have always been extremely practical and easy. I’m pretty much a “wash and air dry your hair” kind of girl, I only comb it once a day and apart from shampoo and conditioner, I really don’t own anything else, except for a hairdryer I got just 2 years ago. Even though I like my practical approach, I do find that getting your hair done (you know, a nice blowout) does lift you up and makes you feel pretty and put together. So, when my girls from Evolve (the hair studio I’ve been going for 2 years or so and which I absolutely love) invited me to take part in their newly launched hair clinic I was game. Never too late to learn the basics right? 😉

My friend Jenny was also invited and we had a lovely morning learning how to properly blow dry our hair and what products to use depending on our hair types. Have you ever tried Kevin Murphy products? I just did a couple of weeks ago and in all honesty I noted the difference right away. The shampoo and conditioner leaves my hair super smooth and shiny, and how can you not love that packaging? 😉

Here are some snaps from the clinic and tips I learned on blow drying your hair 🙂
. Before you start: rough dry hair upside down in circular motions and dry until about 70% dry
. Always start with your bangs
. Always point your nozzle down and “kiss” it to the brush on ends for smoothness
. For a lasting style
. Serum and heat protector are a must
. Silk or satin pillows are great to minimize friction while sleeping