DIY File: Clay Christmas Ornaments

I have a couple of DIY Christmas ornaments ideas coming to the blog this week and this is one of them. All are easy peasy, cute and affordable, so if you’re still looking for ornaments for your Christmas tree or just want to make a cute and unique gift for someone, hopefully these will inspire you 🙂

. Soft modelling clay
. Cookie cutters
. Twine thread
. A rolling pin
. Gold leafing pen
. Any tool with a rounded end (even a pencil will do 😉 )

. Roll the clay to flatten it.
. Use the cookie cutters to cut out the desired shape
. Make an incision on the top (this is where you will insert the thread once ready)
. Bake for 30min at 265F or according to clay instructions.
. Let cool for about 15 minutes.
. Apply gold leaf on the edges and let dry.
. Insert the twine thread through the incision and hang!