Great Finds File: Gifts that Never Fail: iPhone Cases and Unisex Scarves

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a great weekend! Today I want to share two fantastic gift ideas that I promise won’t fail: iPhone cases and scarves. Think about it, wouldn’t you love receiving either one? Even though I’m happy with my iPhone case I’m always looking for new ones and wouldn’t mind at all a little update to mine. And when it comes to scarves, we all know that after having a handful you really don’t “need” more, but they are always welcomed and get lots of use, right?

PS: Unisex scarves are particularly great if you’re playing secret santa with both girls and guys 😉

IPHONE CASES: Kate Spade New York Diagonal Stripe Case / Shaughnessy Keely White Marble Case / Gigi New York Embossed Python Leather with Metallic Gold Trim / Kate Spade New York Glitter Cat case / Adopted Leather Wrap Case / Brika Golden Wisteria Case / Zero Gravity Compact Case / Kate Spade New York Confetti Dot Case / Zero Gravity Besties Case / Kate Spade New York In The Clouds Case

SCARVES: J.Crew Factory Plaid Scarf / Target Grey Plaid Scarf / Madewell Nightglen Plaid Scarf / Buffalo Plaid Scarf / J.Crew Factory Plaid Scarf / Madewell Blanket Scarf / Target Charcoal Heather Plaid Scarf / J.Crew Factory Tartan Scarf / J.Crew Factory Checkered Scarf  / J.Crew Classic Plaid Scarf