Food File: Green Juice Recipe

If you feel like you need a detox or you simply enjoy drinking your greens, here’s an easy recipe with just 5 ingredients! I usually make this green juice with lemon, but lately I’ve been swapping it for grapefruit for a change and I’ve been loving it 🙂

. 2 cups spinach
. 2 tbsp ginger
. 1 litre of water or more if necessary
. 1/2 grapefruit
. 5 small celery sticks
. 1 small pear

Important things to consider when making fresh green juice:
. To fully enjoy the health benefits of your juice, do your best to consume it within the first 20-30 minutes (before it starts to oxidize)
. A little bit of lemon juice helps slow down the oxidation process though it won’t prevent it.
. Generally, organic produce has more nutrition than non-organic produce.
. If you need to store it, do so in the refrigerator for no more than 24 hours in a glass or stainless steel container with little air.
. If you want to save some time, instead of making a big batch consider doing this (I think it’s pretty genius) 😉

PS: Produce you should buy organic

For those days when I’m on the run, I fill this small bottle and take it on the go 🙂