Tips File: 10 Tips for Packing the Smart Way

If you need some tips on packing your suitcase, taking advantage of every inch of space, and keeping it all organized, I have some tips that might be useful for you 🙂 Scroll down for 10 tips for packing the smart way, or so I like to believe 😉

1. Use a pouch or small bag for all your in-flight essentials – Instead of having to reach the overhead compartment or stretch under the front seat to look up for in-flight essentials, store them all in a pouch or small bag and keep it handy for the duration of your flight. Things I usually pack: glasses, snacks (like almonds or granola), a notebook, a pen, earphones and phone cord, phone and phone battery, hand lotion, lip balm, and a pair of socks to wear during the flight)

2. Always travel with your absolutely necessary makeup items with you – I feel like some airports don’t apply the ziploc rule, and others do, so to be safe I always carry my makeup (just the absolutely-necessary-can’t-live-without makeup) with me in a ziploc.

3. Level the base of your suitcase for an even first layer – You know those awkward spaces at the bottom of your suitcase? Fill them up and create a flat foundation for the rest of the layers to come.

 Leggings, workout clothes, tees…those are all good options for that first layer.

4. Fold t-shirts and tops twice (horizontally)This minimizes wrinkles 🙂

5. Fold embellished and delicate tops inside-out – This protects delicate fabrics from getting caught to loose items or other pieces of clothing in your suitcase.

6. Use lingerie bags for your intimates – If you don’t have any, these are super cool (love the color)

7. Use jewelry pouches and small bags for your necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings – If I’m traveling with any fine jewelry I either wear it or carry it in my handbag. The rest normally goes in jewelry bags in the suitcase (placed inside my running shoes).

8. Stuff your shoes with small items and store them in bags – Make use of every inch of space and protect items that you don’t want to be loose. I like to fill my shoes with jewelry, small bottles (don’t forget to tape their caps and store in ziplocs), and socks.

9. Stuff handbags with clothes to retain their shape. 

10. Leave a space at the wheel base of the suitcase for your toiletries bag – This is crucial! Toiletries are always the last thing to go in, so if you don’t do this you will find yourself trying to squeeze it in, messing up the whole suitcase. So, always leave a space at the bottom of the suitcase for it. Why the bottom you ask? So that it doesn’t crush (and wrinkle) everything else and to stabilize the center of gravity of the suitcase 🙂

And that’s how I do it! Any tips I should know of?

PS: My cosmetic case is from Kate Spade and it’s one of the best purchases I’ve made. Fits absolutely everything and it’s super lightweight 🙂 There are similar patterns here and here, and Tory Burch makes an almost identical version (here and here

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