My life file: Welcoming Spring!

Happy Monday! Hope your weekend was fabulous! Even though I didn’t plan for it, I did some Spring cleaning and even moved some furniture around. I have some decor updates to share with you as I have changed some things since the tour on The Glitter Guide and Style Me Pretty Living, but in the meantime, here are some recent snaps, including lots of shots of some pretty mini carnations I got over the weekend 🙂

Nothing like starting the week with fresh flowers 🙂

I’ve been taking this tote around a lot lately 😉

Zara booties 🙂

A true Spring miracle!! This tree has 8 leaves left, and not exactly very healthy (brown on the edges), but I kept taking care of it and never expected this to happen 🙂

My towel rack turned into shoes rack 🙂

Matthew busting some moves on a little performance from his march break camp 🙂