Tips file: Waves Tutorial and Tips

When it comes to hair, I’ve been incredibly practical (or couldn’t care less about it?) my whole life: for as long as I can remember I would just air dry it and comb it once a day after showering. I didn’t even own a hair dryer until 2, maybe 3 years ago, and it was a gift, so, you get the picture. But, after a couple of events for which I’ve gotten my hair done (nothing fancy, just some waves) I have started to reconsider the whole thing. It definitely boosts your confidence right?

Now, to be honest, while I rarely get my hair done at a salon, I do like the idea of knowing the basics. It’s nice to be able to get your hair done by yourself, so I asked my girls Sonia and Jody from Evolve (these two are seriously amazing and highly recommend them to my Toronto gals!) to teach me how to get the perfect waves at home. Here’s what they recommend 🙂

Tips from the pros:
. The tighter you wrap the hair the tighter the curls. I’f you’re looking for a looser, messy look, keep the wrap soft and loose.
. Always keep in mind that the curls will soften up a bit with time.
. The girls are huge fans of Kevin Murphy products. I’ve tried a couple and love them! They recommend Anti GravityEasy Rider and this volumising mousse.
. When curling the hair around your face, do so facing away from it.
. If you would like extra hold, you can spray your hair midway.
. Sometimes less is more when it comes to products, a serum and a heat protector are a must.
. Silk or satin pillow cases are a great way to minimize the friction while sleeping.
. Flat irons create looser curls, you just have to make a smooth movement when curling.