Weekend Links

This week has been such a busy one that I’m thrilled that it’s finally Friday! According to Netflix I’m half way through House of Cards, in reality, I’ve been on episode 3 for the last 5 days! I just fall asleep after 5-10 minutes of watching and the episodes keep going until I wake up and turn off my iPad haha. No wonder I felt lost so many times! And yes, it took me a while to figure out what was happening 😉

I wish you all a fabulous weekend 🙂 But before signing off for the week, here are my weekly links, hope you enjoy them!

4 Life Lessons from Jenna Lyons
. 14 foods that Nutritionists never eat (I don’t eat any of these, yesssss!)
. Conan in Cuba is a MUST watch! I have laughed and laughed so much 🙂
. The 6 best colors for the girl who always wears black
. To Detox or Not to Detox
. 100 things you can do instead of eating mindlessly
. Don’t forget about the Shopbop big event (ends tomorrow!) I can’t wait to wear this, and I’m loving thisthis and these (perfect for Summer right?) 🙂 I pointed out my picks here 😉
. And speaking of sales, get extra 30% off at Madewell (yay!) and J.Crew. I’m going to pick up a pair of these (perfect for Summer), this for $10 is a great deal, and I love these 🙂 And from J.Crew, this looks super cute, and one can never have too many of these 😉