Decor and Interiors File: How to cover a bedside table with contact paper

Ever since I shared the before and after of my ikea bedside table I have gotten multiple e-mails from some of you asking how did I tackle the corners, and today I’m happy to share with you exactly how I did it! It took me some time to dig out the photos (I took them all with my phone) but the good news is that here they are 🙂 I hope they are useful and if you have any questions just shoot! 😉

Let’s remember the before:

Ikea Hemnes Nightstand

I started by cutting a strip long enough to go all around the top

I folded down the paper just as I was wrapping a gift

 To finish it up I cut a piece of paper longer than the tabletop to cover both the front and back edges. This gives it a smooth appearance and you can only spot the first strip of paper on the sides, though it’s not incredibly visible. Does that make sense?