Life file: How to Be Happier in Life

Happy Monday! I thought it would be great to start the week with some tips on how to become happier. I believe that there’s short term happiness and long term happiness, and while being happy no matter for how long is absolutely great, we should all strive for long term happiness. Special occasions, distractions, treats, they all give us joy and pleasure; but long term happiness comes from a perpetual state of mind of gratitude, tolerance and kindness.

So, how do we define happiness? To me happiness is a state of mind, a positive one in which we appreciate what we have and are grateful for it. Like Margaret Lee Runbeck said: “Happiness is not a station you arrive at, but a manner of traveling” Do you agree? I do, and I think that when we start to become more tolerant and patient with each other we become happier. Your flight has been delayed? see the good side and read a book or enjoy a magazine; if the cashier at checkout is in training, be understanding; we all have feelings and struggles so extend a hand when possible, give a smile, hold a door, be kind.

Keep in mind that there’s always someone out there who’s having a tougher time than you, so if you need some strength think of that, and don’t forget that the things you take for granted someone else is praying for, so always be grateful and treasure the relationships and moments that fill your heart with love.

Happy week to all of you! 🙂