Life file: Weekend Links and Reads

TGIF!!! Wow this week was crazy!!! I’m seriously so happy that I survived without loosing my mind! Though I did had to prioritize, and as you may have noticed I couldn’t share what I had for you on Tuesday and Wednesday, so that will have to come next week!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend and leaving you with a couple of reads:
. 10 Greens that are healthier than Kale
. 50 Easy to Make Summer Salads
. Might swing by West Elm to get this or this (they are on sale!) 😉
12 Books That Will Lift You Up When You Are Down
. Two booties that I’m loving: these and these!
. Wow J.Crew really stepped-up the leather game with this and this!! Obsessed!
. 10 Makeup Artist Secrets every Woman Should Know
. Super cute pj’s!!