DIY File: Dipping Bar and Palm Frond Sign

While I do try to keep things healthy as much as possible, I do treat myself to occasional sweet indulgences (maybe more often than I should!) and the dipping bar Jacquelyn and I set up for our girls night in was not only fun to put together but oh so decadent! And let’s not talk about the difficulty level, it was so easy to set up! You can find all the details and our tips on how to make a mouth watering dipping bar over at Lark and Linen 🙂 

But before you head over to Jacquelyn’s blog, check out the simple instructions to make your own palm frond signs just like the ones we placed at each station: a “treat yourself” sign for the dipping bar, a “hydrate yourself” one for the infused waters corner, and last but not least, a “feed yourself” sign for the treats and snacks we served. Don’t they look cute? I think they would make cute place cards and could be used for just about any occasion: a wedding, a special dinner, a baby shower….you name it 😉

What you need:

. Palm fronds (I found them at the florist and they were very cheap!) 

. Twine

. White paint

. A white marker 

. A dowell

. Balsa Wood

. Glue (I used a glue gun)

What to do:

1. For the base, cut the wood into 2 inches long pieces and paint them white (or any other color you’d like)

2. Make the sticks for the bases by cutting the dowel into 5 inches long pieces.

3. Glue the sticks to the base (I used a glue gun). 

4. Write over your palm fronds and wait until the ink dries.

5. Wrap the twine around the stick and secure the palm frond with a knot.

Photography by Heidi Lau