Life file: Friday Links and Reads

Happy Friday! This week has been a tough one with Matthew sick and very very little sleep, the kind of week that leaves you wishing a day of no responsibilities, a “life break” of some sort, a I’m-out-of-office-will-be-back-when-I-feel-normal-again button. Balancing everything on your own is not easy, but I don’t like to complain because honestly, I can think of a million things that are worse. So, I’m looking forward to the weekend and some decent sleeping hours, and I’m hoping next week is a good one 🙂 I’ll be running an extra km or so this morning to shake it all off 😉

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I’m checking out the Etsy Canada event today with Victoria and Jenny, and then I’m attending Le Collectif Workshop on Sunday 🙂 Here are some reads and finds:

18 things you should do immediately to best prepare for the next five years
. Get 40% off Gap! This is such a great coat, and how gorgeous is it in pink?
. Oh wow, I’m in love with this!
. Looove these booties
. The prettiest little set I’ve seen!
. The 4 Things You Should Do Immediately After Working Out
. Eat healthy all week with this Sunday food prep guide