Life file: Friday Links and Reads

Happy Friday, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I haven’t made any plans yet though I promised Matthew I’d make him pizza and that we would go out for waffles 🙂 He’s been on a gluten-free and dairy-free diet for 5 weeks now to help him with this terrible cough he gets every 3 weeks or so, so our usual pizza and ice cream dates have been on pause. Proud that he’s been taking the change like a champ though! See below some good reads and some really good deals!

. Save and score big at Nordstrom! Up to 40% off on tons of items until Sunday! On the very top of my list: this bag, these and these. For a complete guide of my picks see yesterday’s post 🙂
5 Genius Fashion Hacks Using Stuff You Have in Your Kitchen
. Get extra 20% off all sale items at Madewell! Love this vest, great for Fall layering, and these flats would be a great option to wear to Holiday parties when you can’t stand your heels but still want to look put together. Scarves: this one and this one. Great booties to jazz things up. Amazing plaids: this one and this one. Great coats: this one and this one. Wardrobe staple perfect for Holiday dressing. And finally, digging these, and looooving these.
. What’s not to love about this?
. You should go get this book and start reading it now, I’ve been enjoying it SO much!
. 9 Simple Ways to De-stress
. 7 Super easy one-bite-appetizers anyone can do