Shopping File: Holiday Shopping Tips

With the Holiday season here I thought I would put together a little list of tips on how to shop for your loved ones without going crazy. Nothing like spending a day of gift shopping only to come home to realize you have forgotten someone, right? Whereas you do your shopping online or at the physical locations, planning ahead of time will save you time and a headache 😉 I do most of mine online because I find it easy and convenient. As long as there’s free shipping and returns and I know the brand and sizing, I think it’s a no brainer. I also love browsing different shops to see their gift guides, their deals and where I can find the best price. Scroll down for some tips I personally follow and find useful 😉

1. Make a list of all the people you are buying gifts for.

2. Categorize them by gender and age and write next to their name: the top amount you can spend on them, gift ideas, and possible retailers where to shop. I find that having a detailed list keeps me organized and I don’t forget anyone.

3. Check gift guides. I like browsing both blogger’s and shops gift guides for ideas. You never know what you can find and you let them do the work for you 😉

4. If you’re buying online, don’t forget to carefully read descriptions and reviews. This is something I pay attention to every time I’m online shopping. I trust people’s reviews and more than once a review or two has stopped me from getting something, especially if a group of 3 or more share the same thoughts. So read carefully!

5. Shop with plenty of time! Keep in mind delivery dates, shipping costs, and sale events* With big events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday I like to either add items to a wish list or throw things in my shopping cart so that I can check back on those days and see if they have been discounted.

* Right now there’s extra 30% off your purchase at J.Crew (even stuff that’s never on sale according to them!), the big sale event (up to 25% off) at Shopbop, early Black Friday access at Gap, and the Designer Clearance at Nordstrom

6. Make sure you’re buying form sites you trust, and if you’re going to physical locations don’t forget to bring any coupons you may have! Gap and Old Navy have their own “cash coupons” and I usually stick them to the fridge so that I don’t forget about them and even put a little note on my calendar.  I’ll be curating a selection of pieces and the best sales this Friday and Monday so stick around 😉

Any other tips you have? Would love to hear about your strategies!