Food File: Some Favorite Holiday Cookies

December is here and so the Holiday baking begins! I already have a couple of baking dates down on the calendar and I can’t wait so start baking! I’ll probably attempt new recipes but these three are a staple, especially the vanillekipferl (almond crescents) and spitzbuben, which my grandmother used to make every year. She’d put so much effort and dedication on making cookies for everyone that she would start in November and fill a small room with tins and boxes with all sorts of austrian cookies (guess where my brothers and I would run to when visiting?).  I have never met a single person who has turned these down, quite the opposite, as soon as the Holidays start approaching I get asked over and over about them 😉

The third recipe I’m sharing is for nutella filled butter cookies, and what I love about them is that they are incredibly flaky and melt in your mouth right after taking a bite! You can definitely skip the nutella part and fill with raspberry jam, or you could also just decorate each individually with holiday themes. All recipes are linked and below are some photos, happy baking!