Life File: Friday Links and Reads

Happy Friday, yay! Anyone else had some hiccups in getting back to the routine and the flow of things? I sure did! Hoping that next week flows better! I’ll be updating the gift guides tabs (up on the menu) with faves for home decor, fitness, reads, and clothing 😉 Below, some interesting links in case you feel like reading and some shopping finds! Have a great weekend!

. How to change your eating habits to have a more productive 2016
16 Ways To Hit The Refresh Button In The New Year
. Have you seen the latest arrivals from Madewell? Digging thisthis and these!
4 detoxing recipes to help you restart
14 apps that will help you stick to your New Year’s resolutions
. Up to 70% off over at Need Supply. LOOOOVING this jacket (so tempted!!), this is definitely something that would get tons of wear, these are super cute, this is something everyone should have in their closet, and I looove this sweater.
. What a gorgeous top!
. Couch of my dream perhaps?
8 Fascinating things about the mind (this is a good read!)