Life file: 12 Easy Ways to Spread Kindness

There’s nothing like spreading kindness and positivity and I truly believe that it doesn’t take much to turn someone’s day around. Whether it is a small gesture, a smile, or a compliment, kindness is contagious, uplifting, and has a lasting ripple effect on others.

Judgements and unconstructive criticism are toxic and do no good (and in my opinion a waste of time and energy), so replace them with acts of compassion and kindness. Wouldn’t you appreciate a helping hand when needed? Let’s put ourselves in people’s shoes and be nice. I’m sure you have experienced at least one kind gesture in your life, haven’t you? How did that make you feel? Happy, right? Spread the love and you shall receive some love, yes, I’m a firm believer that you get what you give!

I know we live in a fast-paced world but that should never be an excuse to simply be nice; remember, every small act in making our world a nicer place to live counts. Here’s a list of 12 super easy ways to spread good feelings. I hope they spark your interest in practicing kindness around you, after all, there’s nothing to loose and at the very least I can assure you you’ll live a much happier life.

1. Take care of the cup of coffee/tea of the person behind you. Next time you’re getting your caffeine fix think about doing something nice and treat someone.

2. Volunteer. Find out in your community how and where you can donate your time, expertise or skills.

3. Compliment a Stranger. We are humans people, and telling someone they look nice or they are wearing nice shoes doesn’t make you a creep. Honest and heart felt compliments are the best.

4. Let people merge in traffic. Chill out people, I’m sure you can spare a few extra seconds of your commute, right?

5. Pass on your parking ticket if it has some time left. I often do this, and when I can’t find someone to leave it with I stick it on the parking meter for the next person to arrive. It’s a waste of money not to do so, so in my opinion it’s a no brainer.

6. Donate your clothes. Sometimes we get trapped in the (greedy) idea that we could make a few extra bucks by selling this or that, but sometimes it’s ok to just let it go and pass it on to someone less fortunate than us, wouldn’t you agree?

7. Leave a happy note on your neighbour’s mailbox. Wouldn’t that be a happy surprise after a long day at work? Perhaps they had a rough/sad day, you never know!

8. Hold the door for strangers, especially if they are carrying bags and have their hands full! It’s about being aware of those around us.

9. Send a care package. Do you know about someone going through a difficult time? Someone having a stressful week? Someone who could use a thoughtful pick-me-up? Brighten their day!

10. Smile and greet strangers. A simple “good morning” goes a long way don’t you agree? I’ve met people in the elevator who have wished me and Matthew a good night and I always feel it’s SO nice of them, so instead of waiting for people to do so, be proactive and initiate the gesture.

11. Send flowers for no other reason than gratitude. Let those in your life know how much you appreciate their friendship and support.

12. Pay it forward. As soon as you receive a nice gesture, make sure you do something for someone else. Show your gratitude and spread the love.

* Images via Anne Robin Caligraphy (text by me), Sugar Paper, Anna With Love Photography, Madewell, Box Fox, Sugar Paper