Shopping File: Get Fit with Cute Workout Gear and Clothes

Here’s a round-up of amazing workout clothes and gear to help you stay on track with your fitness goals this year! Having pretty workout clothes will inspire you to get out of the house and you’ll feel that it really affects your mood and attitude towards working out. Not that you need a nice top in order to have a great run or yoga class, but it does have a small play in how you feel. Just as having your nails done, I feel that wearing nice gear (doesn’t have to be ultra expensive) can uplift your mood, don’t you agree? So, why don’t take advantage of that and stock up with nice things?

Are you surprised that many of these findings are from Forever 21?? I can’t speak of the quality and fit because I haven’t tried any of these but they sure look amazing and on point (love this tank and these leggings!) And can we talk about these wireless headphones??! So so cool!

Next week I’ll share my personal faves, but don’t wait until then to break a sweat!

1. Old Navy Go Warm Zip Hoodie | 2. Parklife Flight Pant | 3. Community Rasa Bra Top | 4. Athletic Propulsion Labs Ascend Sneakers | 5. aHead Wireless Headphones | 6. Rebecca Minkoff Yoga Mat Bag | 7. Forever 21 Tank | 8. BKR Glass Bottles | 9. Brooks Coffeehouse Chariot Sneakers | 10. Forever 21 Run Top | 11. Kor One Water Bottle | 12. Forever 21 Marble tights | 13. Reebok Furylite Sheer Sneaker | 14. Nike Studio Kit 2.0 | 15. Nike Lean | 16. La Vie Boheme Yoga Marseille Hot Yoga Mat | 17. Nike Lotus Epic Run’ Crop Leggings | 18. Nike Flash 2.0 iPhone 6 Arm Band | 19. Forever 21 Focused Top | 20. Forever 21 Socks | 21. Nike Palm Epic Lux Dri-FIT Tights | 22. Lole Reversible Earmuff | 23. Frends Layla Headphones | 24. Rebecca Minkoff Small Subway Tote | 25. Old Navy Patterned Compression Leggings | 26. Lululemon Mind and Body Kit  | 27. Forever 21 Hair elastics | 28. DKNY Jamie Jogger Sneakers | 29. Sorel Tivoli Sneaker | 30. 100 Best Juices, Smoothies and Healthy Snacks