DIY File: Flower Wall Backdrop

There’s no such thing as a girly get together without heaps of lovely flowers, and for our Galentine’s Afternoon Tea, we created a beautiful floral backdrop that left us all in complete admiration. I can’t even begin to describe how this floral creation lifts your spirit, so much that I snapped a photo and it’s my new phone’s lock screen wallpaper; I mean, we are talking about floating flowers, it really doesn’t get more whimsical and ethereal…ahhhh we all need this in our lives 🙂

Here’s what you need to create a floral backdrop:
– Flowers
– Scissors
– Fishing Wire

There are different methods you can follow to create your flower garlands; we tried the thread and needle one but realized that thin needles were not strong enough, and heavy duty ones easily broke the flowers apart (insert crying emoji), so we ended up tying the flowers with simple ol’ knots.

So, you have the flowers, scissors and wire; what next?

. Start by measuring how long your wire should be and add a bit more to make sure you have enough for the knots (if you don’t then you’ll fall short)

. Keep a balance in each garland by using flowers of different colors and sizes (this gives it a more organic look). We had our flowers in a bucket to keep them as fresh as possible! 

. Start at the top and make your way to the end of the wire by leaving approximately 20-30 cm between each flower. 

. Once you have enough garlands you can proceed to hang them. We hung ours from a photography rod Heidi had but you could do it from a curtain one or even clear command hooks that you can easily remove after you’re done. 

Tip: Add some leafy stems for a fuller look!

Isn’t this the most precious thing ever? This is something that doesn’t require a lot of time and expertise and would look amazing for a bridal shower, a wedding, or any other special occasion 😉 

Photography: Heidi Lau | Flowers: Blush and Bloom | Crafty Hands: Lark & Linen, The Vault Files, A Side of Vogue, Talia Stylist