Food File: How to make Valentine’s Day Tea Bag Cookies

For our Galentine’s High Tea (which I’ll be posting next week!) we made these super cute tea bag cookies that in all honesty turned out to be easier to whip up than what you’d think. The idea came from this recipe; I just used a different cookie dough and decided to give them a little Valentine’s spin.

There are tons of variations and most of them call for a shortbread cookie recipe but since I ended up making them late at night I decided to take the tried-and-true route and used this recipe instead. I’d say that you’re fine with any cookie recipe that you can roll out and cut, and if you can avoid using wholewheat flour (like I certainly did not!) then they will turn out prettier and more delicate looking than my brownish ones 😉 

Just like the original post says, I traced an actual tea bag on a piece of paper, I cut it out and I used it as my template. I cut the shapes out of the dough with a pizza cutter (way easier than a knife) and using a pop stick I poked a hole on each and carefully transferred them to a baking sheet. 

Once ready and cool, I finished them off with some icing (you could dip them in chocolate too) and I tied the strings on (mine were about 10 inches long). For the little hearts you just have to go back at being a preschooler and cut some heart shapes out of some card stock paper and glue them together 😉 I then wrote some love notes (XO, You’re Loved, Let Love Brew, You’re Cute) for a special touch and voilá, aren’t they the cutest little thing?

Photography by Heidi Lau and The Vault Files

Original Recipe by Le Pétrin