Life File: 3 Intentional Ways to Spread Kindness

I’m all about uplifting others and keeping a positive attitude towards absolutely everything, and while I think that there are numerous ways to unintentionally spread kindness, I have decided to intentionally practice 3 acts of generosity this year. Unintentional, intentional, what am I talking about? Well, acts like holding doors, saying good morning, lending a helping hand, giving the right of way and being considerate are acts that I feel should be part of our day to day behaviour. Unintentional acts of kindness in some sort of way. You don’t over think them, you don’t plan them, they just happen. Intentional acts of kindness on the other hand, are those carefully planned actions we carry for others to either turn their day around, uplift their spirits or simply put a smile on their face.

As a firm believer of the saying that in order to receive you must give; the more love, kindness and respect you show and give to others the more you will receive. People respond to how you treat them and it’s undeniable that kind acts are not only reciprocal but uplifting. A big part of how life unfolds for us depends on how we act and react and I feel that in order to be in a position of asking for health, love, friendship, stability…whatever it is we seek, we must deserve it, we must earn it.

So, with this being said, 3 acts of intentional kindness I’m carrying this year are:


For no particular reason other than to show my girlfriends how much I appreciate their friendship, and how much I’d like them to enjoy one of the things that I enjoy the most. You can get a bouquet of flowers from the grocery store and wrap them in craft paper, hit the flower shops and get a mix of blooms (I do like to play the florist!) or hit one of your favorite stores and buy a beautiful arrangement (there are many great shops in Toronto but one I frequent is Crown Flora, love what they do!)


Such a simple gesture that I’m sure goes way beyond a smile and gratitude as I believe that the ripple effect can be quite powerful. Just pay for an extra cup of tea or coffee once a month or when you remember to do it, or perhaps a treat for the person standing behind in line behind you.


I came across this compliments set earlier this year and thought it was genius! 12 postcards with sweet notes that you can send to those you love. Aren’t they amazing? Since there are 12 cards in the set I’m sending one once a month and it feels so so good 🙂 (you can find it here and here)

Hope this inspires you to spread the love, not just for familiar faces but for everyone around you 😉