Life File: Weekend Links and Reads

Happy Saturday, hope your weekend is off to a great start! With good weather and House of Cards in the forecast it sure looks good 😉 Below are the links and reads for the week, hope you like them!

. 7 household expenses you could avoid
. Get 25% off of Madewell’s current faves. I really like this everyday sweater, this, and these!
. Today is the last day to save at Shopbop. Fave classic bags here, picks here, and more faves here.
10 Bizarre Money Habits that actually work
. Sorel’s Spring collection is finally out, yay! I saw some samples last year while in Portland and fell in love with so many sandals, yes, Sorel makes sandals and they are pretty amazing. I have these and I love them, and these and these are super super cool.
. Why Fitness’s Most Loathed Exercise Is Your Body’s Best Friend
. The 8 Most Toxic Items You Currently Own
. The sleep diet: 7 habits of highly rested people
. I’m in love with this skirt!