Fashion File: The Element of Surprise with DSW

Are you guys surprise lovers? I feel like in regards with surprises you either love them or hate them. I in particular love a good surprise, but I have to admit, when it comes to physical items and you have a particular style and you know what you like, it can be a bit scary to let others choose for you, you know?

This week was Matthew’s birthday and I when I asked him what he wanted for his birthday he replied: “but it has to be a surprise!”. I certainly wasn’t expecting that answer, in fact, I thought the conversation was going to be endless. Funny how at that age they are already loving (and demanding, haha) the surprise element. Do you ever let your loved ones choose a surprise gift for you? Or are you one of those who would go with them and choose it by yourself to avoid disappointments? I have friends who have even chosen their engagement rings! In fact, I read that Garance Dore went to her favorite jewelry designer and spontaneously commissioned her (as she says) to make the engagement ring. While she didn’t choose a ring in particular, she made sure that whenever her guy would go shopping for the ring, her jewelry designer would have something she’d love. Crazy the things we do huh?

I mention all this because a couple of months ago I was approached by DSW to take part in their Shoe Delivery Program and I have to admit, while receiving a brand new pair of shoes sounded amazing, after all I loooooove shoes, I was a bit hesitant because of the whole surprise element and the fact that they carry soooo many brands and styles, you know? They assured me that their stylists would pick something I’d love but I’d be lying if I told you that I wasn’t a bit afraid everytime I unwrapped a box. To my surprise (no pun intended!!), they nailed it and the three styles I received were right up my alley. I wore my OTK boots very often, loved the gold detail of the booties they sent me, and the sandals will be worn throughout this Spring and Summer for sure!

With the temperatures getting warmer (yay for Spring), I’m definitely storing my OTK boots, but I’ll keep my booties around (they go great with shorts and dresses!), and I’m really looking forward to wearing my new sandals. Lesson learned: sometimes you just gotta put some trust on others 😉