Life file: Weekend Links and Reads

Happy Saturday! We’ve been blessed with some beautiful weather for this weekend and I’ll try to do my best to get done all my One Room Challenge tasks before Sunday, yeap, still working on it! Had some issues with the delivery of some key items, so we’ll see (thankfully there’s a way to fix it so I’m trying not to panic!)

Any plans for Mother’s Day? I’m starting the day with a 10k race, which to be honest has me a tiny bit nervous as it’s been a year since my last race….I guess I’m just going to take it as a warm-up and learning experience for the next couple of ones I’m running this year 😉 Then I’ll be hitting a park with the family and instead of my usual brunch we are just going to do a picnic and enjoy the weather and let the kids (Matthew and his cousins) have fun. After all, if the kids are happy, the mommas are happy 😉 Hope you have an amazing weekend and to all the mothers out there, I wish you a HAPPY HAPPY mother’s day! I hope you get the chance to spend it in the company of your loved ones.

This week’s links include:

. 10 best experiences to give Mom for Mother’s Day
. 8 easy food swaps that will improve your skin
. Anthro is offering 20% off site wide (including all sale items! Use code XOXO) for Mother’s Day weekend and there are SO many things I loooove. This dress is just Summer perfection (loooove it!), these sandals are so sick and these would be everyday wear sandals (and let’s face it, more affordable!) I love these sunnies,  this (so cute!), and this just to name a few, but for all my picks go here.
. 7 Research-based ways to wake up in the morning without coffee
. How to apply eye cream, sunscreen and moisturizer the right way
. This one tip could change your marketing game
. I’m in love with this bag and this one has quickly become a favourite, been wearing it non-stop!
19 organizing tricks that take five minutes or less
. 10 metabolism boosting tips
. Why food keeps making us sick

PS: If you’re running this Sunday don’t forget to hydrate all day tomorrow, don’t brake out new shoes and make sure you eat some carbs for dinner 😉