Life File: 5 Healthy Habits Anyone Can Adopt

Today I want to share 5 super simple habits that can make great contributions to your health and that anyone, absolutely anyone can adopt. Do you guys follow any particular habits religiously? I thought about these 5 simple acts some time ago and while I do make them happen from time to time I’ve been meaning to turn them into habits as they bring great benefits for the mind, body and soul 😉

1. Reading every night before going bed. I have this terrible habit of going on Netflix no matter what time in the evening is and how tired I am. Since I don’t own a TV and the only time I get to “relax” and enjoy something is when I go to bed, I get on Netflix with the excuse that it’s my “me time” and end up completely neglecting any book I’m reading. I really want to use that time to do something that is more beneficial so the first thing I want to turn into an habit is reading time every single night. 

2. Take care of your skin. Applying face masks is a way to restore your skin and keep it glowing and moisturized. Setting aside 10-12 minutes at least once a week to apply a face mask and perhaps meditate while you have to wait to wash it off is something you probably want to start doing regularly, at least I do! If you usually have your products stored in a cabinet where you don’t see them easily, hence the reason why you forget about this ritual, take them out and place them by those you use on a regular basis. I’ve decided to clear out my vanity and keep outside only what I’m currently using. All that clutter taking space for no reason makes no sense! A sticky note could also help 😉 (photo by Heidi Lau

3. Drinking lemon water first thing in the morning. I’m pretty sure most of you have read about the benefits of drinking lemon water; it helps with digestion, gives your immune system a boost, it’s energizing….the list goes on. While some people disagree with the hype (like in this article) just type “lemon water” on Google and you’ll see by yourself that they are heavily outnumbered by the ones who claim that it is indeed beneficial for your health. In fact, it looks like it has more benefits than what you would think! Read about it here and here 😉

4. Take care of your feet. Sometimes taking care of your feet could be the last thing on your mind but it shouldn’t!! A good and super easy routine to stick to is to apply a good lotion (my favorite is this one and highly recommend it) after a good scrub and wear socks overnight to trap the moisture. You’ll wake up to softer feet 😉

5. Trying new healthy recipes on a weekly basis. I love Pinterest for recipe browsing and how easy it is to find great recipes but there’s something about cookbooks that I love! As I mentioned before, I’ve picked up a couple of new books recently and getting into the habit of trying at least one recipe per week forces me to experiment with new ingredients, ideas and meals.