Fashion File: 6 Shore Road by Pooja

Anyone heard of 6 Shore Road? I’m completely smitten with this swimwear line and you need to know about it if you already don’t. As much as I like classic pieces I also like modern cuts and unique styles, and when it comes to swimwear, comfort is probably my priority (sorry, no teeny-tiny-super-tiny bottoms for me). I have found that most brands that are, let’s say, fashion forward, don’t provide the coverage I’m looking for so most of the times I get excited about a great find I end up disappointed because the cut just won’t work for me. Anyone else with that issue or am I the only granny here? Enter 6 Shore Brand. What I like about this brand the most is that the designs are not just modern and slightly edgy, but they do provide coverage!! Oh and their clothing is also to die for!! I’m serisouly obsessed with this cute romper, love this bikini bottom, this bikini, this one and this one. Here are some faves: