Outfits File: Boho White Dress

There’s something about getting your photo taken by the super talented Heidi Lau that just makes you swoon. She really makes everything (and everyone) look beautiful and the way she captures special moments blows me away. And to top it off, if you throw in there professional hair and makeup (hello fake lashes, for the few 4 hours I wore you I truly believed you were mine and taking you off made me feel so naked!) a beautiful flower crown and gorgeous accessories that perfectly go with your favorite summer dress, well, the result feels kind of magical.

Meeting and working with talented people is certainly inspiring, but when those people are kind, generous and hard-working, it really takes it all to the next level and makes you feel even more inspired to work with them. I’m so grateful I had the opportunity to work with everyone who made this shoot (of which I still have lots to share!) possible, and I still pinch myself for seeing the results of hard work, passion and commitment. If you feel passionate about something and believe in yourself, keep going, don’t let anyone get you down and work hard, I promise it will eventually pay off 🙂

WEARING: Wilfred Calvados Dress (gifted) | Michelle Ross June Bracelet and Necklace (borrowed) | Le Chateau d’Orsay Huarache Sandal (gifted) | Flower Crown by Blush and Bloom | Hair by Cabello by Carolina | Makeup by Velsie Mak | Photography by Heidi Lau