Fashion File: Block Heel Ballet Pumps

Are you guys into the growing trend of block heel ballet pumps? Thoughts? I not only love a good pointy-toe shoe but I stick to anything that elongates you and make your legs look longer so dipping into the “round-toe” trend would be kind of a big deal for me. Round-toe shoes are not, in my opinion, as flattering as pointy-toe ones, however, and to my surprise, I’m loving lots of styles I’ve seen recently and in the past 2 weeks. I think these would be a great pair to start at because they are quite affordable and I love the grey color. Also, with all the sales and promos Gap frequently runs you could probably get them even cheaper 😉 I also love these, I’m obsessed with these, and this ankle wrap version is pretty cool.

Here are some photos for inspiration I gathered that hopefully will make the trend grow bigger on you, although, it’s totally fine not to be on board with it 😉

Images: Natalie Off-Duty | Free People | Bona Drag | Free People | Fashion Me Now | Fashion Me Now | Free People | Fashion Mugging | Style Lovely | The Fox and She