Life File: 52 Faces on Ehow

Happy first day of Fall! Today I want to share with you a short Q&A I did on eHow about my makeup favorites, my beauty and workout routine, and some more 🙂 Any of you have some absolute faves? I seriously can’t live without this. It’s pretty light so I use it as a highlighter and on my eye lids and dark circles to open up my eyes (I really feel like I “wake them up” when I use it). I’m also a huge fan of Fresh products and highly recommend their facial toner (it’s alcohol-free), their face masks, and their cleanser (great for removing makeup!)

As for makeup, I really want to slowly change it all for natural and less harsh options so I really want to try Beauty Counter products (packaging and reviews are on-point!) and lately I’ve been testing these multitaskers. I’ll report on faves and findings as soon as I decide to bit the bullet, it’s so hard to leave behind all the tried and tested faves right? If you have any recommendations I’m all ears! You can read the whole interview here 🙂