Life File: Etsy Field Trip

Today I want to share with you an amazing day I had the opportunity to experience thanks to Etsy and everyone who made the most idyllic day possible. I had no idea what I had signed up for and didn’t even know what to expect when I got the invite to go on a road trip with Etsy. Aside from some obvious knowledge that we would be getting crafty (duh… wink wink) I had zero clue of how the day was going to look like.

After a school bus ride up north, we arrived at the beautiful Belcroft Estates (what a property!) and were greeted with this beautiful spread and breakfast. The morning started out incredible with delicious scones and jams from Kitten and The Bear, mimosas, greek yogurt parfaits and flower bouquets (by Minim Designs) for each and every single one of us (did I mention we were a group of 12 bloggers?) I mean look at this set-up! Could spend all day with a book there!

After breakfast we got crafty and got the chance to make our very own mirror thanks to Joseph and Dayna who (patiently) taught us how to. I partnered up with Lauren and we ended up not messing one but both mirrors! I mean, I like to call myself a crafty gal and not only did we fail once but twice!! (epic guys, epic). Anyhow, Joseph and Dayna took care of our disasters and we both went home with our own mirrors (yay!) Unfortunately I didn’t take a pic of the mirror but if you search the hashtag #EtsyFieldTrip I’m sure you’ll see it posted by someone else 😉 I’ll share it with you guys as soon as I can!

Then we took part in a Scavenger hunt in groups of three. Kaylee and Natalie were my team and we basically ran around the estates looking for our clues and snapping away while doing so! It was pretty fun.

Lunch was served under these beautiful roses, how stunning?! 

Next up, Julie from Province Apothecary taught us everything to know about essential oils and their properties and we all got the chance to create our own roll-on scents invented by us. I went with a mix of Rose Toto, Grapefruit and Bergamot, a nice uplifting scent 🙂

After some afternoon treats and sweets (yes, there were s’mores!) we headed back Downtown and ended what was one of the loveliest day trips I’ve taken.  This is definitely at the very top of media events I’ve been part of, so so freaking lucky.