Outfits File: Cropped Flares, Frayed Hem and Stripes

Getting to know your personal style is not just about being able to say “I like this, I don’t like that”; getting to know your style is, among other things, knowing which are the key pieces that make up for your wardrobe “DNA”. The clothes and accessories you repeatedly reach out for, season after season, are not just your favorites but your wardrobe staples and being able to identify the frequency you wear them and their role in your closet is key when you’re buying new clothes because you know no matter what, that 8th striped tee you’re about to get won’t be a waste of money and will get lots of use. So next time when you’re out shopping and you find yourself getting “just another striped tee” or “just another white tee” or “just another black sweater” remember how frequently you wear it and the relief it is to find one in your drawer when that’s exactly what you’re looking for. There’s nothing wrong with wearing the same all the time if that’s what makes you feel comfortable, so the best you can do is to stock up and make sure you have your staples covered 😉

The description of this striped tee says it’s navy but as you can see it’s pretty dark and I would dare to say that it could easily pass as black so if you’re looking for a white and black striped tee this is a good one. Runs a bit large, just so you know. Other great striped tees I love are this one (great fabric), this one (great relaxed fit), this one (great for dressier looks), and this one.

WEARING: Wilfred Free Emesa Hat | J.Crew Deck-Stripe Tee | Spitfire Sunglasses (similar for just $14!) | Citizens of Humanity Fleetwood Cropped Flares (I cut off the hem) | J.Crew Essie Pumps (gifted) | Rebecca Minkoff Love Crossbody | Gap 1969 Icon Denim Jacket