DIY File: Faux Fur Sandals

Have you guys seen furry shoes and heels (like these and these) popping out everywhere? What do you think about this trend? I like how some faux fur can add an extra oomph and I find it quite fitting for Holiday dressing, you? If you are on board with this and if you want to diy your own strap sandals to elevate them for less than $10 here’s a super easy hack that you can get done in less than 10 min, no special skills required! 🙂

Materials Needed: Strappy sandals | 30cm of Faux Fur Ribbon (I got mine at Mokuba here in Toronto, but here are some options)  | Scissors | Ruler (not pictured) | Double Sided Tape

Step One: Cut two strips of double sided tape in the same length as your faux fur.

Step Two: Cut your double sided tape in the same length.

Step Three: Stick the tape to the ribbons.

Step Four: Try them on and trim the sides depending on your preference. I did cut a bit off 😉 

 I wore them all day and the tape didn’t fall from the strap. I found that it was actually very easy to stick on and off and it didn’t ruin the leather (just don’t press it too hard just in case!) 😉