Life File: Holiday Gift Wrapping Ideas

Do you all leave your gift wrapping for the very last minute? I usually do (I remember two years ago in Florida, my sister-in-law and I locked ourselves in a room and wrapped everything two days before Christmas). It was kind of hectic and the Christmas tree looked pretty bare until the last minute so this year I decided to do things differently and not only did I start my Holiday shopping on Black Friday (yeah yeah), but I wrapped a good portion of the gifts I’m giving.

I found some really cool wrapping papers here and here, but since everything gets very busy and slower this time of year (plus, our Post service is not exactly the fastest), I didn’t want to risk not getting the gift wrap in time and thought that shopping local was the way to go if I wanted everything done before the 15th. After finding some really cute ribbons and gift tags at Michael’s I decided to go with the ol’ simple craft paper and really like how everything turned out. I still have more gifts to wrap but here are a few I wrapped this week, hopefully they will give you some inspiration? The wreaths you see here are actually some grapevine wreaths I found in the floral department that I wrapped in greenery stems that are sold in packages of 10, and the black tags are chalkboard tags 🙂 I have a round-up of creative ideas to gift wrap with craft paper coming next week so stay tuned for that!